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"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." Proverbs 23:7

GUATEMALAN MISSIONARIES: MEDICAL MISSION TRIP - APRIL 19TH - 27TH - please make sure you let me know if you are going - Blessings - God calls each and every one of us to do our part to spread the Gospel to a lost and dying world. Won't you join us in spreading the Gospel around the globe?
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"We will pray for peace of Jerusalem and the Holy Land but we want just pray, we will demonstrate peace."
Hazem Farraj

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May those who love you prosper."
Psalm 122:6

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Welcome to Outreach for Jesus
     We are a small church with a great heart for the Lord. We invite you to join us to reach the Lost, feed the widows, the orphans and the homeless, heal the broken hearted, and spread the gospel throughout the world. Let’s show the world that Jesus is alive and that miracles still happen today.

Growing to Serve
     The "Growing to Serve" spirit we have at our church is a blessing. Our church building is only a small portion of our outreach for Jesus, which includes reaching the needy through programs such as our Saturday all Hispanic church in Somerset, KY; a new ministry for the "Young at Heart" to reach senior citizens and to plan activities for them during the week; a ministry for Hispanics to help them to learn the Gospel and integrate them into the community; and our Guatemalan, Romanian and Mexican missions where we have started building several churches. elsa brown missions director We are excited about a charity factory in Romania, funded by Outreach for Jesus, which provides training and certificates for the needy and Roma people so that they can find jobs to feed their families. In June 1-13, 2004, Outreach for Jesus had a crusade to spread the Gospel with the people of Iasi and Suceava. Hundreds of people gave their lives to the Lord. Additionally, there are a variety of ministries and activities ranging from seminars, guest speakers, concerts, Christian movies, etc. at our new church building. We thank the Lord and you for your kind support, and look forward to working with you to reach the needy.

Evangelism - From Elsa Brown - Missionfs Director and Treasurer
    Many people reject the concept of evangelism. They believe one religion is as good as another; that there are many ways to worship God and reach salvation. Some believe that evangelistic efforts violate individual freedom. Others believe in evangelism but refuse to take an active part in it. God calls each and every one of us to do our part to spread the Gospel to a lost and dying world. If those who profess to love Jesus Christ do not take the Gospel to this world, nobody else will. God certainly can do it without us, but he has chosen to use His people to win others to Christ. Won't you join us in spreading the Gospel around the globe?

Victor Catalino - Pastor 
    We are surrounded by pain and suffering, and still we are often pretending that everything’s OK. We close our eyes, trying to avoid those who seek our help. How can we see happiness if the fog of suffering envelop us? What can we do? Let's get together in order to heal together. Let’s look at those who surround us and see ourselves in a mirror. Let’s extend our hands toward those mirrored images and immediately their hands will reach us. Is it hard? Is it easy?

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Phone: 606 - 271 - 2354

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