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"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." Proverbs 23:7

After months of seeking Medical help, Abigail was already Blue, the doors in Iasi were closed. A doctor told her parents, she is a Gypsy, she is poor – We cannot see her. Finally we found a hospital in Timisoara but we were not able to find a heart for this beautiful girl. She passed away November 1st, 2011.
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Outreach for Jesus - Mission

Mission 2011
     Outreach for Jesus a missions oriented ministry in Guatemala, Romania and Mexico in 2011.
We started by taken care of the needy and the Hispanics in our area. Now we are expanding into helping the street children of Guatemala, and needy families in Romania and Mexico. We want to make sure that all who come in touch with Outreach for Jesus learn that Jesus loves them, and that they can do all things through Jesus.
Outreach for Jesus is a mission organization committed to reaching Spanish migrant workers, the poor, drug addicts, alcoholics, and all who need help. We work for interracial justice and understanding among those we meet.
Our mission covers more than feeding the needy.Through God’s instruction and direction, we are helping them get jobs. We are teaching them the Gospel, and we are leading them toward moral and productive lives.
Our mission is to love the Lord and our fellow men. We are determined to teach the word of God, feed the hungry, dress the needy, and unite cultures and churches so that together we can fulfill our common goal to preach the gospel, help fight poverty and relieve human suffering.
We believe that when we help our brothers and sisters meet their immediate needs, and teach them how they can help themselves; then we have shown them the first step of our mission, which is the unconditional love of God.

Why Guatemala, Romania and Mexico?

    Thousands of people – men, women, and children are homeless, hungry and needing a Savior. Their earning capacity – when they can even get work – is about $3.00 per day. These men and women have no education nor opportunity for education or training. We invite you to go with us and see how the Lord is working in Guatemala, Mexico and Romania. If you can’t go with us, we ask you in the name of our Lord to help change the future of the children and the people of these nations - God’s beautiful people. You can provide hope to a people who have none – to a people who have no one else to turn to. There is no government program or local rescue program. If you have been moved by these faces and this story, we are asking you to be generous and help us – how you may ask!

Our Mission 
1. To preach the Gospel
2. To feed the needy
3. To build churches
4. Educate the children
5. Train & educate men and women
6. Provide job opportunities
7. Step-by-step thru Christ who strengthens us
The children have staggering needs. We know that by showing them the Love of God, helping their existing needs and sponsoring their education, we have seen tremendous differences.
Our first international mission took us to Guatemala where we are responding to the call of God to “Go to all the World”. Our call is to feed the street children of Guatemala, both physically and spiritually.
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1278 HIGHWAY 461
Phone: 606 - 271 - 2354

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